6th Cachexia Conferenceのプログラム

6th Cachexia Conferenceが12月8-10日にミラノで開催されます。


本来は日本で開催予定だったのですが、東日本大震災の影響でミラノに変更になりました。その代わり第7回Cachexia Conferenceは2年後の12月9-11日に日本で開催予定です。今回は参加できませんが、2年後はぜひ参加したいと思っています。

6th Cachexia Conferenceのプログラムも上記HPに掲載されていました。日本からの発表者も東口先生など少なからずいるのが個人的には嬉しいです。いずれ抄録がアップされると思いますので、アップされたら興味深い抄録を紹介していきたいと考えています。

Day 1 Thursday, 8 December 2011

12:15-13:15 Lunch seminars



Chaired by:
Giuseppe Rosano, Rome / Italy
Filippo Rossi-Fanelli, Rome / Italy
Akio Inui, Kagoshima / Japan
Stefan Anker, Berlin / GER

Welcome: Giuseppe Rosano, Rome / Italy

1. “Prometheus” basic science key note lecture:
Cachexia as an energy wasting syndrome
Josep Argiles, Barcelona / Spain

2. Ghrelin – Important hormone and treatment option for cachexia
Florian Strasser, St Gallen / Switzerland

3. Accelerated loss of muscle in elderly people with inactivity
William Evans, Research Triangle Park, NC / USA

4. How to measure undernutrition
Bruno Vellas, Toulouse / France

5. From sarcopenia to frailty
Luigi Ferrucci, Baltimore, MD / USA

15:30-16:00 Coffee break


Chaired by: William Evans, Research Triangle Park, NC / USA
Filippo Rossi-Fanelli, Rome / Italy

6. “Hippocrates” clinical science key note lecture: Sarcopenia vs. osteopenia/osteroporosis
Steven Cummings, San Francisco, CA / USA

7. Update from Trialist Workshop 2010: cancer cachexia
Stefan Anker, Berlin / Germany

8. Update from Trialist Workshop 2010: sarcopenia definition
John Morley, St Louis, MO / USA

9. Influence of muscle wasting on outcomes in the Western World
Vickie Baracos, Edmonton / Canada

10. Influence of muscle wasting on outcomes in Japan
Koichi Takayama, Fukuoka / Japan

Welcome reception (poster area)

Day 2 Friday, 9 December 2011


Clinical track: Sarcopenia & weight loss

Chaired by: Luigi Ferrucci, Baltimore, MA / USA
Cornel Sieber, Nürnberg / Germany

11. Chronobiological considerations regarding the diagnosis, treatment and regulatory evaluation of cachexia & sarcopenia
Gerald Sokol, Bethesda, MD / USA

12. Ultrasound measurement of muscle quality and quantity in sarcopenia and disuse-atrophy
Marco Narici, Manchester / UK

13. Sarcopenia and frailty in the Orient
Jean Woo, Hong Kong / China

14. Managing weight loss: the nursing viewpoint Debbie Tolson, Glasgow / UK

15. Managing sarcopenia and cachexia: the telemedicine viewpoint
Friedrich Koehler, Berlin / Germany


Basic track: Regulation of muscle wasting

Chaired by: Alan Russell, Research Triangle Park, NC / USA (GSK)
David Glass, Basel / Switzerland

16. Molecular control of atrophy in senescent muscle
Paul Greenhaff, Nottingham / UK

17. Nutritional control of muscle atrophy: role of branched chain amino acids
Stephan von Haehling, Berlin / Germany

18. Muscle wasting and sepsis: Data from the intensive care unit
Lars Larsson, Uppsala / Sweden

19. Role of beta-adrenergic signaling in skeletal muscle structure and function: implications for muscle wasting and disease
Gordon Lynch, Melbourne / Australia

20. Role of micro RNA’s
Thomas Thum, Hannover / Germany

10:00-11:00 Coffee break and poster session 1


Basic track: Cancer cachexia

Chaired by: Giovanni Mantovani, Cagliari / Italy
Josep Argiles, Barcelona / Spain

21. Review on animal models for cancer cachexia
Jochen Springer, Berlin / Germany

22. Recent advances in the biology of muscle wasting
David Glass, Basel / Switzerland

23. Myostatin as target – update 2011
HQ Han, Thousand Oaks, CA / USA

24. Follistatin as a target for anabolic therapies
Tiansun Xu, Research Triangle Park, NC / USA

25. Intra-myocellular fat as a determinate of poor functional status
Bret Goodpaster, Pittsburgh, PA / USA


Clinical track: Effects of herbal therapy in cachexia

Chaired by: Chiharu Kubo, Fukuoka/ Japan
Bing Xia, Wuhan/ China

26. Japanese herbal medicine – an overview Akio Inui, Kagoshima / Japan

27. Cachexia in Vietnam and traditional therapies
Kim Anh Hoang, Hochiminh / Vietnam

28. Immune therapy
Hiroaki Nanba, Kobe / Japan

29. TBD

30. Muscle phenotype shift and myopenia in stroke
Wolfram Doehner, Berlin / Germany

12:45-13:45 Lunch seminars


Clinical Track: Update on anabolics & related therapies

Chaired by: John Morley, St Louis, MO / USA
Stefan Anker, Berlin / Germany

31. An update on skeletal muscle troponin activators and their potential application in muscle wasting and cachexia
Fady Malik, San Francisco / USA

32. New therapies for cachexia/sarcopenia
Ronenn Roubenoff, Boston, MA / USA

33. Testosterone, sarcopenia and frailty
Frederick Wu, Manchester / UK

Mitch Steiner, Memphis, TN / USA

35. Ghrelin trial update
John Friend, Bridgewater, NJ / USA

36. ACTAs
Andrew Coats, Norwich / UK

Panel discussion: F.Malik, R.Roubenoff, F.Wu, M.Steiner, J.Friend, A.Coats


Basic track: From palliative care to exercise for cachexia

Chaired by: Mitja Lainscak, Golnik / Slovenia
Yoshihide Nakai, Kyoto / Japan

37. Palliative care for cachexia in Japan
Takashi Higashiguchi, Tsu / Japan

38. Palliative care for cancer & cachexia – survival impact
Aminah Jatoi, Rochester, MN / USA

39. Pain and cachexia
Yasuhito Uezono, Tokyo / Japan

40. Exercise, quality of life & cachexia therapy
Annemie Schols, Maastricht / Netherlands

41. Failure to thrive and renal cachexia: from pediatrics to geriatrics
Robert Mak, La Jolla, CA / USA

15:30-16:30 Coffee break and poster session 2


Clinical track: Late breaking clinical trials

Chaired by: Stefan Anker, Berlin / Germany
Ronenn Roubenoff, Boston, MA / USA
Discussants: Giuseppe Rosano, Rome / Italy
Gerald Sokol, Bethesda, MD / USA
Aminah Jatoi, Rochester, MN / USA

42. Regulatory considerations for treatment development in cachexia & sarcopenia
Giuseppe Rosano, Rome / Italy

43. - 48. (To be confirmed)


JUDGES’ CHOICE: Basic science
Chaired by: Josep Argiles, Barcelona / Spain
Juei Tang Cheng, Tainan/ Taiwan

49. Pancreatic cancer and ghreliN
Chih-Yen Chen, Taipei / Taiwan

50. - 54. (To be confirmed)

19:30 Conference dinner

Day 3 Saturday, 10 December 2011


Young investigators Award Session – Clinical & Basic
Chaired by: John Morley, St. Louis, MO / USA
Maurizio Muscaritoli, Rome / Italy
Judges: Francesco Dioguardi, Milan / Italy
Ken Fearon, Edinburgh / UK
Thomas Thum, Hannover / Germany
Bruno Vellas, Toulouse / France

55. - 60 (Finalists: 2 abstracts clinical / 2 abstracts basic / 2 abstracts nutritional issues


Clinical & basic track:
Chaired by: Denis Guttridge, Columbus, OH / USA
Alessandro Laviano, Rome / Italy

61. Peptide autoantibodies
Serguei Fetissov, Louen / France

62. IGF-1 update 2011
Volker Adams, Leipzig / Germany

63. GDF-15 alias MIC-1 and anorexia/cachexia
Samuel Breit, Sydney / Australia

64. Cachexia in acute illness and viruses Carsten Tschöpe, Berlin / Germany

65. Diabetes and muscle wasting
Angela Abbatecola, Ancona / Italy

9:30-10:30 Coffee break and poster session 3


JUDGES’ CHOICE: Clinical & nutrition science

Chaired by: Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, San Francisco, CA / USA
Masahiro Asaka, Sapporo / Japan

66. Statistical considerations when designing clinical trials for sarcopenia / cachexia
Bridget Kirwan, Nyon / Switzerland

67. - 71. (To be confirmed)


Basic track: Symptoms / Neuroscience

Chaired by : Didier Attaix, Clermont-Ferrand/ France
Daniel Marks, Portland, OR / USA

72. Neuropeptides and Cachexia
Herbert Herzog, Sydney / Australia

73. PTHrP and Cachexia
Akihiro Asakawa, Kagoshima / Japan

74. Role of change in neuromuscular junction: Agrin and neurotrypsin in muscle wasting
Denis Guttridge, Columbus, OH / USA

75. Sensor control of cancer cachexia
Michael Meguid, Syracuse, NY / USA

76. Symptoms and symptom generation in cachexia
Andrew Coats, Norwich / UK

12:15-13:15 Lunch seminars



Chaired by: William Evans, Research Triangle Park, NC / USA
Vickie Baracos, Edmonton / Canada

Debate: Kobe beef or Belgium Blue: A continuing question?

77. Pro Belgian Blue
Ken Fearon, Edinburgh / UK

78. Pro Kobe Beef
John Morley, St. Louis, MO / USA

79. Nutrition and inflammation
Filippo Rossi-Fanelli, Rome / Italy

80. Cachexia and cardio-renal-anemia syndrome
Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, Los Angeles, CA / USA

81.“Highlights from our journal – editor’s choice” Stephan von Haehling, Berlin / Germany

14:45-15:15 Coffee break


PLENARY SESSION: Congress Highlights

Chaired by: Giuseppe Rosano, Rome / Italy
Akio Inui, Kagoshima / Japan
John Morley, St. Louis, MO / USA

82. Basic Science
Denis Guttridge, USA

83. Sarcopenia
William Evans, Research Triangle Park, NC / USA

84. Nutritional Therapies
Maurizio Muscaritoli, Rome / Italy

85. Treatment of cachexia
Stefan Anker, Berlin / Germany

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